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We believe that photography can make or break the perception of a brand. Advertising is a visual medium and for any retailer, photography must evoke emotion and desire at a glance! We are experts in fashion photography, food photography, and lifestyle photography, whether for print or web. We arrange and direct photoshoots in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Miami regularly. Which means that we are experts in working with you to assess your needs, and matching those needs to the right set of photographers, stylists and talent. As you know, it takes a team of specialists to pull off a great photoshoot. Our team will provide the vision and direction to capture the essence of your brand, while producing a cost efficient shoot.

Need help ensuring that your product photography truly reflects who you are as a brand? Email our CEO, Lois Brayfield at

You plan the shoot, we'll be the guardians of your brand, helping create the right composition and mood that evokes just the image you want to project.

We understand how critical model selection is to properly represent your brand. Based on the design recommendations and strategy, we will we will collaborate with your team to decide on a model archetype together.

As in most of our processes, we strive to adapt to our clients’ needs. We have worked with clients across the spectrum and are skilled at matching a photoshoot to your budget.

Planning a photoshoot is a huge endeavor, and it's essential to get it just right. We're veterans at planning photoshoots, so we know exactly what steps to take, and what pitfalls to avoid.

"Our experience with J.Schmid was a home-run! They always make us think. "

— Russ Gaitskill / President, Garnet Hill