We offer a full array of direct mail, online marketing and catalog design services. Every creative decision we make is intended to strengthen your brand and increase sales. Our designers create visual solutions based on industry best practices, not just the hottest trends. They use proven techniques and eyeflow research to help guide their decisions. And they don’t design in a vacuum. They work in conjunction with our strategy team to use data to drive the design. Over the last 30 years, we’ve learned what works—and what doesn’t. J.Schmid’s award-winning design services are built on process, tested with practice and proven to get results—all without that pesky creative ego.

Email Lois at loisb@jschmid.com.

J. Schmid understands the physics of how a customer processes a catalog. We meld proven, best-selling practices with inventive techniques to produce strategic, data-driven catalog design that sells off the page.

We know what it takes to get your emails opened, and which industry-proven design tactics will encourage recipients to act, all while staying on brand and on message for a cohesive, integrated campaign.

By applying best-selling practices and proven online techniques, we craft user-friendly, functional web pages built on best-selling practices that are user-friendly, functional and reflect your brand's multi-channel endeavors.

Whether you put your product on a shelf or directly in a customer's hands, we will create the eye-catching packaging, everything from the labels and containers to the boxes they're shipped in.

A logo represents who you are, so make sure it's worth it! We can solidify your brand position with an eye-catching, differentiated, relevant logo, complementary tagline and all brand-supporting visual collateral.

Effective copy conveys the voice and personality of your brand, telling readers the “rest of the story” by promoting the benefits of your product or service. When done right, good copy closes the deal!

We've built relationships with photographers all over the country, each with varied specialties, be they food, product or lifestyle. We know how to pair the right resource with your brand to bring your product or service to life on the page and screen.

Imagine having a full-time print manager for a fraction of the cost. Our experts identify efficiencies and take the guesswork out of the bidding process, also handling the execution and all drop-by-drop details.

J. Schmid produces direct mail of all shapes and sizes — postcards, self mailers, solo packages — each employing best practices and results-oriented techniques to influence customers' buying decisions and improve results.

J. Schmid concepts, storyboards, manages shooting, produces and edits brand-enhancing video that speaks directly to your audience.

"J.Schmid plays their role perfectly – they ask all the right questions and help you put the answers in the proper context. They truly understand how to “sell off the page” and the proof is in the increased results we saw from their efforts. Perhaps most importantly, J.Schmid is so easy to work with. They’re extremely bright but have an easy-going manner. Simply put, these guys are the best."

— David Stubbs, Vice President, Exclusively Weddings