Do you know what makes your customer tick? An important part of our job as marketers is to listen to consumers. We need to know everything about your customers in order to target them correctly. It’s much more than just who they...we want to understand their attitudes, interests and purchasing habits.

At, J.Schmid we dive into the deep end of customer research to learn more about what’s most important to your customers. Our research capabilities include customer surveys, focus groups, online forums, telephone surveys, persona development and social media research. It is our goal to measure brand awareness, brand perception, customer satisfaction and marketing preferences. All of these combined will help your company make informed marketing decisions, enabling you to provide a better customer experience.

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Partnering with qualified research suppliers, we work to understand perceptions of your brand, your position relative to the larger market and to develop benchmark information for future research.

Want to know how your customers feel about your brand? At J.Schmid we have all the tools to help you reach your customers and ask them the right questions. What’s better than finding out what your customers think? Acting on the results. Based on the research, we create marketing strategies that best target your audience and create a roadmap for success.

Today’s typical brand has multiple customer touch points. No matter where you market, social media, a bricks and mortar store or a catalog, we develop and execute research to help you understand your customer. Our research will help you better target your customers and provide them with a positive and beneficial customer experience – no matter the channel.

Are your customers really satisfied with your brand and the services and products you are providing? When was the last time you asked them? Customer retention is critical to any brand’s long-term success. At J.Schmid we can help you uncover all the unknowns when it comes to understanding how your consumers feel about your company. And don’t forget, a happy customer is a loyal customer.

"J.Schmid’s branding process has resulted in our having a much better understanding of who our customer is... We now have a filter for marketing and merchandising decision making, and a guide for strengthening our creative messaging with each interaction. This process has been invaluable!"

— Terri S. Alpert, Founder and CEO, Uno Alla Volta


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