Our creative team works in conjunction with our strategic leaders to make informed, data-driven decisions about catalog design and catalog branding. We start by getting to know you, and what helps differentiate you from the competition. So before pencil meets paper, we understand what makes you, you. Over the last 32+ years, we’ve learned what works—and what doesn’t. J.Schmid’s award-winning catalog design services are built on process, tested with practice and proven to get results—all without that pesky creative ego.

Need help bringing your catalog design to life? Email our CEO, Lois Brayfield at

J. Schmid understands the physics of how a customer processes a catalog. We meld proven, best-selling practices with inventive techniques to produce strategic, engaging catalog design that sells off the page.

A catalog is an important part of any multichannel marketing strategy. It's a proactive tap on the shoulder, it grabs attention, and it's a perfect vehicle to solidify your brand position. We craft eye-catching, differentiated, relevant design by fully understanding what makes you, you and bring it to life on the printed page.

The right product photography can make or break your catalog design. It's essential that your brand is represented through model selection, location, lighting, and propping. In short, every aspect of your brand. We plan, manage and art direct photoshoots regularly and work with some of the most talented photographers in the business.

Effective copy conveys the voice and personality of your brand, telling readers the “rest of the story” by promoting the benefits of your product or service. When done right, good copy closes the deal!

"When it comes to catalog design, J. Schmid is the best in the business. Period. They always have a logical reason for everything they do."

— Mieka Barlow, Senior Manager Global Publications, Tahitian Noni Intl.


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