We are a world-class catalog agency who lives at the intersection of catalogs and branding. We know catalogs probably better than any other agency in the world. Yes, that’s a bold statement, but for 33 years we have tested and perfected the art of selling off the page.

We take a handcrafted approach to create a custom catalog design built on proven best practices. We write articles about it, speak at conferences about it, teach others about it ... we are passionate about how customers interact with this magical marketing medium that is both a brand handshake and a sales driver.

Need a catalog agency that will bring your brand to life on the page? Email our CEO, Lois Brayfield at

We have a deep understanding of the way that customers browse a catalog. We use that knowledge to create a custom catalog design that is both eye-catching and easy to shop.

We start by getting to know what makes you, you. Once we know your brand story, we bring it to life on the page. We set a look and feel that conveys your unique position, and combine it with our catalog know-how to create pages that sell.

"Our experience with J.Schmid was a home-run! They always make us think. "

— Russ Gaitskill / President, Garnet Hill