We know that your brand is the most important asset you own. Whether creating a new brand from scratch, conducting a complete brand makeover, or bringing your brand to life on your catalog and website, we understand how to tell your unique story. We’ve developed and refined a process we call Brandquest to examine your merchandise concept, your competition and your customers from all angles, helping you define the “one thing” that you can own. Next, we develop a brand personality and message that is uniquely you. Finally, and most importantly, we communicate that focused message consistently across all marketing channels. One message. One image. One brand.

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We review your merchandise concept, your competition and your customers from all angles, then help you define the "one thing" that you can own, developing a brand personality and message that is uniquely yours.

J. Schmid will evaluate your current system of brand communications, identifying existing strengths and weaknesses across your current collateral, brochures, website and other materials you may have.

Your brand is much more than your logo, but it’s still an essential component. We help stamp your brand with an eye-catching, differentiated, relevant logo, complementary tagline and all brand-supporting visual collateral.

As competition increases and customers have more choices than ever before, the question becomes: how will your brand endure? J. Schmid’s catalog branding solutions help you build and maintain enduring top-of-mind status.

Are you creating "magic moments" that will resonate with your customers? The brand experience doesn’t begin or end with a transaction. We find opportunities to create brand advocacy in unexpected ways.

Working with qualified research partners, we undertake extensive primary and secondary research, crafting detailed profiles, demographically and psychographically, understanding who your customers are and what they believe in.

"After going through J.Schmid's branding process we saw a lift in sales of 25% within six months. I directly credit this success to the work they did."

— Emily Harris, Former Marketing Director, Lotus Touch


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