The J. Schmid multi-channel circulation planning methodology starts with a strategy built around your goals and ends with the complete tactical execution of your catalog, direct marketing or e-marketing campaign and encompasses every step along the way. J. Schmid's marketing team is renowned for its analytical capabilities, regularly leading sessions at industry conferences on the topic of catalog, direct and multi-channel analysis. We always start the process by asking one simple question—what are your goals? Then we'll develop a plan to get you there.

Email Lois at loisb@jschmid.com.

Obsessed with measurement, we work with clients to develop and execute the most relevant system for tracking, measuring and optimizing marketing programs on an ongoing basis.

We help clients understand breakeven scenarios, sales forecasting and return on investment analysis for single campaigns and seasonal or annual plans.

Using traditional recency, frequency and monetary models, but applying multi-channel marketing approaches, we work with clients to better understand their clients in ways that are meaningful and actionable.

We leverage customer intelligence with a host of external data to model current and prospect customer universe in ways that are actionable.

We analyze merchandising, pricing and ‘shelf-space’ analysis to make recommendations based on our proprietary, tested approach to square inch analysis (SQUINCH).

We help clients analyze product and marketing feasibility including multi-year P&L planning.

"J. Schmid's wisdom and insight into circulation planning, square inch analysis, budgeting and forecasting for our three brands have been key to our success."

— Deb Collyer, President, M & S Fine Foods, Inc.


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