Michele Drohan

  • job: EVP, Client Services
  • preferred title: HEY, YOU!
  • favorite thing about your job: It’s both left brain and right brain
  • when not working: Hanging out with my daughter or learning french. Mais oui!
  • on my ipod: Well, just about everything from Mumford & Sons to Madonna, Dave Matthews to Miles Davis, Beethoven to Buena Vista Social Club
  • words of wisdom: If you don’t understand something, it probably doesn’t make sense. (Wait…what?)
  • favorite movie: Too many. Unfair question.
  • dream dinner guests: Coco Chanel, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Edward Hopper, Peter Gabriel, Shelby Foote, Dave Matthews and Sherlock Holmes (the Benedict Cumberbatch version)
  • favorite vacation destination: New York City
  • my passion is: The printed page
"Instead of 'no,' find a creative way to say 'yes.'"

Michele has been creating catalogs for nearly 20 years for top brands including AT&T, Hallmark Gold Crown, Discovery Channel, Safeway, and Wells Fargo. An earlier career in publishing laid the groundwork for her passion for the page: pairing creative and marketing strategy with multi-page print production.

In executive leadership roles with agencies like Haggin Marketing and Epsilon, she honed her skills in leveraging strategy, planning, creative development, technology, execution and analytics to produce compelling communications.

Last year, she launched a new agency in the San Francisco Bay Area with a singular focus on catalogs and a client-focused business model. The key to great catalogs today is in achieving the dual objective of presenting an immersive brand experience within a highly transactional environment.

That environment begins on the page and ends at the shopping cart. The path between the two is paved with strategic, creative, and innovative thinking to turn browsers into shoppers and shoppers into loyal customers.