Lauren Ackerman

  • job: web content specialist
  • preferred title: digital yoda
  • favorite thing about your job: working with hilarious, fun, hard-working people
  • when not working: gardening, playing with my dog, biking, fishing, reading, playing video games, collecting useless trivia and playing word puzzles
  • on my ipod: Band of Horses, Mute Math, Dismemberment Plan, Andrew Bird, Say Hi, David Bowie, Death Cab for Cutie. Podcasts: It doesn't get any better than Harmontown and Infinite Monkey Cage.
  • words of wisdom: "The problem with internet quotes is that you cant always depend on their accuracy" — Abraham Lincoln
  • favorite movie: Airplane!
  • dream dinner guests: Dan Harmon, Brian Cox, Gilda Radner, D.B. Cooper, Mister Rodgers
  • favorite vacation destination: anywhere full of trees and sun
  • my passion is: laughter
"The way you do one thing is the way you do everything."

Lauren is not one to mince words: She likes to get passionate about something, roll up her sleeves, and get to work with people who share that passion. She fits in perfectly at J. Schmid.

She joined J.Schmid in 2007, sharing responsibilies of from both the accounts and administrative side of operations. She developed a fascination with online marketing, and taught herself HTML, Dreamweaver, CSS and became a player in the online marketing world. She has a fascination with data visualization and statistics. She loves projects that include email campaigns, or developing strategic content for mobile first web. She is on the forward curve of the information race, and she will gladly take you along for the ride.

Prior to J. Schmid, Lauren worked as the Customer Service Manager at Integrated Printing Solutions, where she acted as the point of contact for the company's largest client, directed bid solicitation for print projects, handled inventory replenishment for a program that contained over 300 items and managed a small staff.

Lauren received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Rockhurst University with a double major in Business Communication and Spanish. She enjoys gardening, fly-fishing, and demolishing and rebuilding her home with her husband.