Kelsey Finley

  • job: Copywriter
  • preferred title: Oxford comma adversary
  • favorite thing about your job: Working with genuinely nice, hilarious people
  • when not working: CrossFitting, traveling, tutoring kiddos at the Learning Club, tailgating at Arrowhead, planning next year’s Halloween costume
  • on my ipod: Ellie Goulding, Billy Joel, RAC, Wild Cub, BORNS, Disclosure, Cherub, any and all 90s music
  • words of wisdom: "Always be yourself. Unless you can be Batman."
  • favorite movie: Home Alone
  • dream dinner guests: Blake Lively, Tina Fey, The Lonely Island
  • favorite vacation destination: Mexico (or anywhere with sun, sand and legit guacamole)
  • my passion is: The Double Winstead with cheese. And bacon. And a 50/50.
in their words
"Basically, I just turn caffeine into words."

Kelsey Finley is a brunch enthusiast who writes catalog copy, in that order. She won’t let a mimosa go unfinished, nor will she let a project go to print without ensuring every word is on-brand and of course, spelled correctly. As a KU grad with a degree in journalism, Kelsey knows the grammar rules (and when to break them) and she can quickly shift from a conversational writing style to a highly technical one.

 Before joining us in 2016, Kelsey worked at Silpada Designs, where she wrote catalogs from cover to cover, named new jewelry products and developed content for direct mail pieces, consumer emails, drip marketing campaigns and the company’s e-commerce site. She played a crucial role in redefining Silpada’s brand voice, and she does the same for our clients here at J.Schmid.

From weaving in a clever pun to telling an emotive story, Kelsey certainly has a way with words. We love her sense of humor and her enthusiasm for all things Schmid. When she’s not at the office, you’ll likely find her under a palm tree… or at brunch.