Jennifer Wood

  • job: co-ordinator of synchronicity
  • preferred title: director, dept. of Making It Happen
  • favorite thing about your job: working with a great team and great clients
  • when not working: traveling, interior design, cooking, photography
  • on my ipod: anything my teenagers have downloaded…
  • words of wisdom: everything happens for a reason - learn to roll with it
  • favorite movie: My Girl
  • favorite band: Mumford & Sons
  • dream dinner guest: Bethenny Frankel
  • favorite vacation destination: Spain
  • my passion is: embracing new experiences
"I'm a very detail oriented person. Everything has a place and I love understanding how that fits into the overal scheme."

The first thing that we noticed about Jennifer Wood.. is well, that she's just awesome. She's polished but down-to-earth, she's got a brilliant design sense, she's got oodles of common sense and she's a strategic thinker. In short, she's a perfect for J. Schmid. She says she loves being the nexus point that brings all the pieces together at the right time. It's not an easy place to be, but fortunately she's got the calm and confidence that serves her and the role so well.

Prior to J.Schmid, she was the marketing coordinator for Dimensional Innovations, a design and fabrication firm that specializes in commercial installations. There, she worked alongside the business development team to craft marketing strategy, launch print and online marketing campaigns and serve as the key point of client contact.

Jennifer played volleyball while she attended Friends University, where she received her B.A. In her spare time she likes to run, take photographs and cook, especially baking. This multi-talented gal makes a mean chocolate chip cookie, much to our delight!