Geoff Wolf

  • job: EVP Client Strategy
  • preferred title: your partner
  • favorite thing about your job: the team spirit
  • when not working: playing music, anything outside in the mountains, reading , cooking
  • on my ipod: Bela Fleck, John Hiatt, Keb Mo, Jerry Garcia
  • words of wisdom: keep it simple
  • favorite movie: Lion in Winter, Casablanca
  • dream dinner guests: Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs & the Dalai Lama
  • favorite vacation destination: unplugged in the mountains or lost on a beach.
  • my passion is: music
  • contact:
"When considering analytics of any type, we always have to be thinking about what is actionable and what success looks like."

Geoff brings entrepreneurial, executive and consulting experience stretching back over 30 years to J. Schmid and Associates. He founded two retail businesses and guided both to profitability and a successful sale.

Prior to joining J. Schmid & Associates, Geoff spent almost a decade as a Consulting Partner with an industry leader in multichannel marketing intelligence. Over this time, he worked with many businesses in both the direct-to-consumer and business-to-business arenas. From Fortune 500 companies to start-up opportunities, Geoff has successfully added value to countless brands.

Geoff has had the opportunity to help dozens of businesses as a consultant and advisor achieve their objectives. Geoff combines the valuable perspectives of having done every job in his own multichannel marketing business to assisting management and stakeholders achieve objectives in their businesses. He has a proven record of successful strategic initiatives.

Prior to his consulting work, Geoff served on the executive team at Potpourri Group as General Manager of Back In The Saddle, which was acquired in 1998. Geoff and his wife started this brand around their kitchen table in 1993. Before entering the direct marketing world, Geoff started a retail store, spent many years with the Kraft Foods brand and 15 years in ski industry and food service management.

Geoff is a frequent speaker at the Direct Marketing Association’s annual conferences as well as many regional associations. Geoff graduated cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree from Brandeis University.