J. Christopher Yankey

  • job: art director
  • preferred title: Maverick
  • favorite thing about your job: Coffee. Design. Draw pictures. [Repeat]
  • when not working: Watching documentaries, exploring Kansas City, designing things, writing music, and blogging.
  • on my ipod: Guided by Voices, The Velvet Underground, Wilco, Jay Z, Kings of Leon, The Strokes, The War on Drugs
  • words of wisdom: “The repercussion of ugliness is endless.” –Massimo Vignelli
  • favorite movie: No Country for Old Men
  • dream dinner guests: Massimo Vignelli, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Marcel Duchamp, Frank Stella.
  • favorite vacation destination: New York City
  • my passion is: Design
"I may be loud and tell lots of stories, but I thrive on structure and approach design from an architectural methodology."

Youthful. Passionate. Visionary. Three words that describe Chris Yankey to a tee.

He is obsessed with the history of design, particularly the work of Lella and Massimo Vignelli.

Chris has worked on brands from Georgia to Alaska, and he's experienced in illustration, branding, photography, video production, web design and social media consultation.

He attended the College of the Ozarks where he recieved a degree in Studio Art.

When not in the office designing greak work, you can find Chris blogging (chrisyankey.com) and pursuing his passion for art through drawing, painting and sculpture.