Carrie White

  • job: account supervisor
  • preferred title: dream broker
  • favorite thing about your job: great co-workers + great clients + producing great work = fun workdays
  • when not working: remodeling our 1920's house with my husband, hanging with our dogs, watching scary movies, grilling out as much as we can, enjoying Mexican food and margaritas
  • on my ipod: The Pixies, Chris Isaak, Al Green, Lionel Richie, Lyle Lovett, The Beach Boys, The Distillers
  • words of wisdom: a piece at a time, and before you know it, you will have accomplished brilliance
  • favorite movie: Run Lola Run
  • dream dinner guests: my four grandparents
  • favorite vacation destination: any beach with white sand and clear water
  • my passion is: architecture
"I love working at J.Schmid because everyone here takes pride in what they do, and takes the time to produce great work."

Carrie is a consummate professional with an open and sincere attitude. Her strengths are relationship building, marketing and account management. She came to J.Schmid with a long history of working in high intensity work environments, where she developed her superior organization skills and an innate ability to prioritize and balance multiple responsibilities.

 She has been in advertising for a number of years, first at Jack Stack Barbecue as Director of Private Dining Sales and Marketing, and then at Kansas City's largest advertising agency.

In her spare time, she restores her 1920s, Kansas City Midtown home, (which rumor has it, was a speakeasy during Prohibition), and spends time with her husband and three dogs: two high-energy Weimaraners and a Bichon Frise, who rules the house.