Angie Montogmery

  • job: account coordinator
  • preferred title: curator of information and facts
  • favorite thing about your job: We work hard AND we have fun!!
  • when not working: enjoying the simple life and catching some fresh air wherever I can.
  • on my ipod: anything but country music (except for that one really sad George Jones song)
  • words of wisdom: "Trust no one."...Sorry!
  • favorite movie: would have to be something totally corny like Phantom of the Opera or Up
  • dream dinner guests: Thor Heyerdahl (Senior Kon Tiki), Steve Irwin and Meriwether Lewis. I'd love to hear the stoires of exploration and adventure.
  • favorite vacation destination: anywhere I haven't been yet
  • my passion is: finding the good in each day
in their words
"Advertising is the culmination of much hard work. It brings together strategy, images, words and feelings. Attention to each detail is crucial to combining all of these parts successfully"

Serenity, thy name is Angie. Calm, collected, always informed, infinitely reliable, a pillar of stability. The fact that she exudes all these qualities with such a sunny, genial disposition makes her all the more valuable. As an Account Coordinator, Angie knows how to manage a project from start to finish. And thanks to her exacting eye for detail and background in the print industry, she ensures that every project is accurate and on-time.

 She's also a keen negotiator, working diligently to get the best prices for our clients. Her sharp eye for color and abundantly pleasant personality come in handy when reviewing color proofs, or rushing to meet a deadline.

And no one assembles a better mock-up than Angie. No one! It may seem trivial, but making mock-ups is a dying art. It requires a steady hand, concentration and attention to detail, and a patient disposition. No wonder she's so good at it.